Accepted: Moderator Moderator Application - Manic

  • There is no such thing as a "pending" ban or Discord admin. Anyone threatening your account is a scammer trying to scare you.
  • Beware of links and fake admin scams coming from friends. Scammers know you're more likely to sign into a suspicious link or trust a fake admin if told by someone you know and trust.
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Sep 11, 2019
User name: Manic

Your Discord UserID: 235530144675004416

Alternative Accounts: None

Country and Timezone: Norway GMT+1

Availability: Most of the time at school and after school if I'm not working out.

How old are you? Oct 1, 2003

Do you have any issues handling instruction and direction? No

Foreign languages Norwegian and some german

Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc) My name is Marius and I'm 16 years old. I go to high school in Norway. I work 3-4 hours at a cucumber farm on both Saturday and Sunday. I usually work out 3-4 times a week. In my spare time, I play games and browse discord.

Anything we should take into account or be aware of?

Why do you want to be a DiscordRep moderator, and what makes you feel you're a good candidate? I want to be a DiscordRep moderator because I think Discordrep can make trading on DIscord more secure. I've been in this community for about six months. I feel like I can be a good candidate because I can do work like for example mass banning users that spams server or sells cracked accounts. I like to investigate reports and can ban users if necessary.

Past administrative experience: No

List Discord trading communities you are / have been active on and in what capacity (user, mod, admin) I have been trading, for the most part, CS:GO items on small DIscord servers as a user.

Have you ever been banned from another community? If so, what happened? I have not been banned from another community.

Other questions or comments: I have no more questions.


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Aug 18, 2019
Hello @Manic,

Thanks for applying, your application will be reviewed.

Note: This guy can be punched in the face, I know him IRL (goes to same classes). :LOL:

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